• I'm running my first server ever using nodecraft. I have a concern though, We're about to be 24 hours in and my SSD for the server is already at 10% and I've had to restart the server once because of RAM going up to 97% after 17 hours. The Specs are as followed 2GB RAM, 10GB SSD, 20GB Backup and unlimited slots. World is .87km, advice, should I be concerned will I need to upgrade prior to making it to 30 days?

  • The minimum required RAM for an Eco Server is 4 GB. The bigger the world, the more RAM you will need.
    Depending on how much activity you have on the server, 10 GB SSD is nothing. A single savegame can get bigger than 7 GB on the biggest servers out there and Eco by default does backups every 24 hours, keeping 24 of them. That means if you have a 1 GB big world, you will have 24 GB used.

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