My Server wont start... help?

  • First things first. I'll admit I've ever had my own server before. I've never even played a game like this before. I tried to play mine craft and kept getting bored. (Not very fun when you're always playing by yourself.)

    I got the idea to start my own server when I saw that there is only one active server. Something called black cube? And there aren't any servers aimed towards my area. (Eastern USA)

    Well every time I try to start my server I see this:

    sever fail.png

    sever fail 2.png

    If anyone is kind enough to try and help I'd like to say a thank you in advance and kindly ask that you do not reply with a wall of text. I have what is called Irlen Syndrome and walls of text make me motion sick and confused.

    (Basically different light waves confused my eyes and brain and make the words move around and it's just not fun.)

  • howdy. it seems like the game server cant bind to a server port .. i guess there might be possible an issue with your server conf or the port is in use . if you could share your server configuration i could help you =)

  • @hypractvsqrl love the desktop background

  • @bobby i worked once for canon ( the guys making cameras and printers) i had issue with a Database i was not allowed to fix my self.. so i needed to wait like a week before it called med and did what i also could have done but was not allowed to.. well when he logged on to my computer this image was all he did see 338476_10150323749641286_1425587741_o.jpg

    (it basicly says well that what you get for letting me wait that long ! XD hehe

  • Ponies!!

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