Guardians Gaming ~Fresh Wipe 9/18~

  • Hello! Just wanted to let players know about our server that just wiped. We have a growing community that's been super friendly and are always welcoming new members! Our server is beginner friendly and most decisions are based on votes.

    Server info:

    • Runs on a powerful, dedicated box
    • 2x Exp and 5x carry capacity
    • World size: 9km with oceans reduced!
    • Vote after 20 days to either keep going another 10 or 20 days or wipe. Entirely up to citizens.
    • Global currency already in place (called Puns)
    • Includes an unworked Road District that goes around the world for road workers to build on.

    Mods included:

    • HaioPais Storage- Storageboxes and storageracks. They hold more inventory, take up less space and won't leak pollution!
    • HaioPais Farmer and Food- Adds more to farming, such as the ability to produce milk, eggs and chickens which means more food (like pizza, sushi and more)! Adds a greenhouse that lets you produce crops from any biome!

    To find our server on the server list, look for:
    Guardians Gaming - 9KM^2 - Easy Play - 2Exp - 5x Carry Capacity

    To find out more, join our discord:

    We look forward to meeting new people and to helping out new players!

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