Configuring your Server for Use in Classrooms

  • Hey all, this will be a more technical/configuration offshoot of my original Eco for Middle School Students post. Here I'll share details about how I set-up the server we're currently using. For stories and lessons learned from the project, please start here.

    Timing the Meteor Impact to happen during Class Time

    The key configuration you'll have to make is the MeteorImpactDays which can be found under Disasters>Config. Perhaps unsurprisingly the value you set here will determine the precise day the meteor will hit your students' World.

    What I discovered today is that this setting actually accepts decimal values. So with a bit of quick mathematics, you can align the meteor impact not only to a desired day, but also to a precise hour/minute. This is really useful because if your students aren't able to destroy the meteor in time, you'll probably want them to witness it impacting their world, together, during class time.

    By the way, this configuration seems to start counting from the date/time the server was first initiated. So if you change it on a server you've already been playing on for a while, you will also need to include the number of days the server has already been running in your new MeteorImpactDays value.

    By way of example:

    • MeteorImpactDays: 30 (the meteor will impact in exactly thirty days from the date/time the Eco server was first initiated)
    • MeteorImpactDays: 30.0417 (the meteor will impact in thirty days and one hour from the date/time the Eco server was first initiated. One hour out of twenty four (1/24) is 0.0417 (to the nearest 4 decimal places ;-) ))

    I have updated the official Eco wiki with this information too.

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