Populated Servers? Seeking refund if game is barren.

  • Haven't looked super duper hard, but of all the listings here I have yet to find a server with 1 person in it... are there any servers at all with people? Or did I just invest 40 bucks into wishful thinking? I'm all for supporting the game, but I didn't realize the low population state of the game. Considering waiting till Steam release, but I don't know if refunds are a thing I can do...

  • Almost everyone is waiting for Alpha 4, cuz its gonna be SO AWESOME!

    It is coming...

  • its totally normal and expected that the game is having low population. the thing is that this game is still in a very early stage and most systems in alpha 3 are more prototype then completed system.. people don't feel any need to invest to much time over a longer time period right now. but there will always be spikes, especially with big update like alpha 4 is going to be. or when the game is ready for beta. right now the most important thing is feedback in this early stage. what works , and what works not well, what could be added and so on. Feedback is very important to make this a great game. so i hope you see this. also i cant see you having applied to any of the larger community's here , you should give it a try. also it seems there is going to be a server browser in alpha 4 ( and you can have custom server listener server. meaning it will be easier to find servers later and even have you own or more public server list server =) )

  • I have a server I put up!

  • @broland278 - I am in the US East and would love to join a server...May I join yours?


  • I tried broland's server....it won't load :( are there NO servers at all up? just bought the game but cant even try it out? :'(

  • @NoBlackThunder
    Yup we're still up and running.
    By now we have 144 whitelisted users, but as @NoBlackThunder states, it seems that people don't feel any need to invest to much time at the moment, I guess the most are waiting for the next release.

    FYI: My respond time on the forum differs though since I'm not that active at the moment..

  • My server was down, but now it is back up and running!

  • I have tried a few different server and I keep getting a connection failed error, does anyone know what I'm doing wrong?

  • @Jenndragonfly OMG Jenn, I know you from Boundless!! (Formally known as Oort Online) How did you find out about this game? In fact I found out about this game because of a post on the Boundless forums!

    P.S. This post has no correlation to the actual topic, I apologize.

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