24/7 Server Starts Tomorrow!!

  • Arcadia Eco Server l New Players Welcome. l Active Admins l Global Currency l 1km World l 24/7
    Arcadia l New Players Welcome. l Active Admins l Global Currency l 1.44km World l 24/7

    All new and experienced ECO players are welcome to join this brand new server

    Name: Arcadia New Players Welcome. Active Admins


    Discord: https://discord.gg/5yTG4H9

    Version: Beta (Latest/Opt-out)

    Description: Currently day 1 with launch on August 16th at noon(GMT-4), very high specialization, 1.44km world size. Global currency "Schmeckles" with 200 Schmeckles welcoming allocation to get new players on their feet. 4 active admins.


    The description means bank, treasury, and mint were spawned in to create currency on day one. This means starting laws were force passed to create a structure that the admins agreed upon. This structure will only include a global currency with a force passed law to allow the initial 200 Schmeckles to be given. All laws from there after will be voted on.

    All admins are contributing their own hours out of work and life obligations to provide a free server for players. All admins hold equal control and will not tolerate harassment of any kind.

    By joining the server, you agree that you have read and understand all precedents.

    Language = English

    Meteor = Yes, 30 day impact time.

    Run Time: 24/7 , Server restarts every 6 hours at 1am, 7am, 1pm, and 7pm (GMT-4) U.S EST time


    1)Do not steal from others, even if something has been left unclaimed. Check and make sure it doesn't belong to anyone before just taking things.

    2)Be courteous to each other and don't be abusive, racist or generally toxic.

    3)No advertising of other Eco servers, please do that on the Official Eco Discord.

    4)No cheating or using exploits, it's obvious when it's done and it ruins the game for everyone.

    5)When claiming land to build your house please try to claim and build about 50 blocks away from the next nearest player, unless you've obtained permission from that player to set up closer.

    6)Tailings must be kept in stockpiles that are below the surface at least 30 blocks down or at bedrock if possible.

    7)Claiming land by ring-fencing it with land claims will not be tolerated.

    8)Players inactive for more than 5 days will lose their land already claimed and anything inside. However if you have a legitimate reason for being inactive for more than 5 days let one of the Server Admins know and we may be able to make an exception. The other exception is Christmas time and the inactive rule will not be enforced during the Christmas holidays.

    9)Please only play with one account and do not use multiple accounts on the server. This is not fair on other players and works counter to co-operating with others.

    10)When a claim is unclaimed please allow for at least 30 minutes before claiming any of the land, buildings or items.

    Breaching any of the above rules will result in a warning and continue breaking of rules will earn you a ban. Please try and respect other players so we can all have a good time! If you witness another player breaking any of the rules report this to server admin immediately! Do not try and deal with the culprit yourself.

    Looking forward to talking to you on the server!

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