Guardian Gaming is wiping today and welcomes you to join us on our third cycle of adventures!

  • Heya fellow eco enthusiast's !

    Our established community is welcoming new players to join us on our third cycle of adventures on Guardian Gaming!
    Guardian Gaming is a 2x Exp - 5x Carry Capacity Server to make life and the time you need to take out of your free time easier :)
    Map Size for the next wipe will be 16km , that leaves you with enough space to expand and explore! :)
    The server is hosted on a powerful dedicated box that can handle 20 players and more without any major lag!
    We have a core of about 7-10 active players and peak at 20 players during the first few days of the wipe. We can offer a consistent playerbase of 7-10 players during the entire wipe!

    I've personally played about 300h on this server and enjoyed every minute of it. I can only recommend it as the players on here are very helpful. I joined the server when I first bought the game and never want to leave :) ! (Obviously I mean I am advertising it afterall) :D

    Join our discord to get a feeling for what the community is like and have a chat :

    Hope to see you on here soon!

  • I will so be there!

  • Aw, thanks for the praise! Hopefully the core community can grow and we can continue to have a lot of fun!

    I might be biased in saying this, but we have a pretty awesome community going, with more core members it could be even better!

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