NEW idea for a game plan! AUGUST 11TH!

  • We are Guardian Gaming. Our servers are actually owned by one of the admins, and not just leased out from a server farm. All of our admins have the ability to completely reboot the server machine if needed, for less downtimes and less lag from memory leaks.

    But what I really want to mention is that we have a very different plan for the current cycle that very few actually try. We plan on letting the meteor hit us ON PURPOSE. The result will kill plants and animals where the meteorites hit the planet. It will destroy buildings and vehicles at the surface, and leave craters everywhere. It will cause pollution and turn the ocean partially brownish/orange. But the players themselves do not die. We have spent the last 13 days gaining skills and technology and hoarding our stuff at bedrock level (elevation 0).

    In two days, our meteor will hit us and then we will begin to REBUILD OUR PLANET! We will resurface and rebuild our homes. We will plant trees, brush, flowers, and anything else we have gathered seeds from. We will try growing the proper plants to increase animal population and work on getting rid of pollution.

    This isn't something that is common in Eco. Most people want to just get the meteor down or give up before it hits. We're not doing that!

    We don't have much to offer you for joining our server. We are, after all, about to start over in a way. But if you want something DIFFERENT to play, then give us a try! The meteor will hit on SUNDAY, AUGUST 11TH! So join us now or then! (And expect it to be a bit busy that day.)

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