Summerland Endless High-Collab 9km map size

  • Hey guys looking for players to join our dedicated server!

    Server IP:


    You can also find it in the brave frontiers category. Already have a small group of about 5-7 active players. Looking for more to help round out the economy.

    This is an endless map that will only be reset upon majority player vote.

    One of the largest map sizes out their on the server list! Don't like neighbors? You don't have to have them now!!!!

    High collaboration level to help build a community of friendly players!

    This is a fresh start server that's been up for about 5 days now. Starting from scratch, no town or mint set up at all. Playing the game the way it was meant to!

    Admin will only intervene in cases of severe greifing. admin does not spawn anything in and plays just like any other player, will never "cheat at the game!

    Can't wait to have you aboard the team!!!

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