The rusticated UI (or to misuse a commonly misused term, the skeuomorphic UI)

  • I'm not a big fan of all the rusticated timber crafting on the UI. To me it gives Eco a dated, slightly corny flavour. I realise it's probably an intention to make it 'friendly' for kids and probably has some linage in the world of gaming of which I'm not aware but I just wanted to get it out there and say I find it a bit 90s and a bit distracting. I imagine it places design limitations on the UI elements and animation also and that's something I know a bit more about as a designer, animator and occasional product designer.

    Any plans to freshen it up? There's so much hyperreality and simulation in this Sim already my judgement is that it's unnecessary to gain the human touch, that's already there in spades. And I think it presents limitations and an aesthetic that isn't on par with the where the 3D mesh rendering and animation is heading.

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