Ideas for more collaboration

  • Currently you have the meteor, I have some ideas for more collaboration. You can add a super volcano, that has to be stopped to prevent an ice age. You could also add the sun going super nova, or a larger meteor that can't be stopped, so the community must build a rocket to leave the planet.

    As for pollution that you're missing. Nuclear energy and radiation is a huge environmental issue. You could make it a super power plant that's cheaper with no air pollution, increasing the pollution created by regular power planets to make it more desirable. The negative effect could be if there's a melt down(from lack of water or maybe a 0.5%-0.01% chance every day) and you're near the radioactive material you lose calories. To stop the fall out you have to put a dome over it and then remove the radioactive dirt. Radioactive suits could be build to prevent calorie lose. Also the used up radioactive product, needs to be sealed to prevent the spread of radiation.

    You're also missing three other big pollution issues with air pollution. Big factories towards the west will blow their pollution in the air, well when it gets out east, it rains back to the earth causing streams, lakes and ponds to become inhabitable to fish. Fertilizers from farms also cause similar issues when they run off into streams and the ocean causing dead zones. Making Corn able to be used as ethanol for expensive, but clean gas would add to this formula. The Chesapeake Bay is the biggest example to look at. The Bay was almost dead because of run off and now it's back alive. The last one is fracking, you could reduce oil locations, and add fracking locations. Fracking would cause ground pollution.
    Now to make this even more collaborating, if you add boats and sea fishing. You can have different tier boats, basic sail boat to actual giant fishing boats. Then when the pollution from the farmers decreases the fish population, the fishermen get mad at the farmers.

    Just some idea, I know you guys were talking about adding the towns and stuff.

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