Mortar Stone to Bricks option

  • With the Wood path, the T2 construction materials (lumber) are created from the T1. Allowing you a smooth transition of upgrading your home and replace the blocks with the upgraded materials using the T1 materials along the way. However, with the stone path, that is not an option. Once you start upgrading from T1 to T2, you end up with a large pile of near-useless blocks. It would be nice if you could grind it down and press them into bricks (think how the Boring company creates bricks from the ground up rocks from drilling). This would allow both 1st tier construction mats to be equalized.
    I would expect it to be under the Bricklaying knowledge, and have it be close to the lumber costs. IE.. 25 Mortared Stone/Granite/limestone/sandstone to 1 brick in cost with binding to the bricklaying skill to lower costs.

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