[Suggestions] First day of Playing

    • Storage: I think this may be one of the biggest basic issues at the moment. The inability to place storage wherever it's necessary is painful. Instead of being able to put resources in the buildings their used in, they're stuck in houses and storerooms. Additionally rather than being able to build another chest and put it into the storeroom, you have to build an entire other building to house a single other chest.

    • Animal Corpses: These seem to last way longer than necessary. And it would also probably be better to get meat after doing something to the corpse which deletes it in the process (maybe a skinning knife?)

    • Consolidation of Crafting: The sawmill should be able to make Rough Cut Lumber. All it creates is an inconvenience in having to walk back to the builder's hut. I can't think of other issues similar to this but the logic is applicable to other instances.

    • Skill Book Crafting: Some of the really early books are far too difficult to craft. The Farming and Civics come to mind. It's a little ridiculous that the Farming book costs 80 huckleberries and 25 of the root. It's also a little odd considering most other skills require you to get the book before you can do anything in that skill. Also the time is excessive in some of the later books. 4 hours for the Smelting and 3 hours for the Butchery? Time seems like a really artificial limiter and smacks more of pay to win mobile game.

    • Buildings and Building Materials: The early buildings really need to be able to be crafted with the later materials. I see my nice stone and lumber buildings and then there's my rinky dink builder's hut that doesn't even have a real roof. Also while I like the general concept for the buildings, it seems like they need some more differentiation. Each should require more than just a certain size and building material. House should require a bed, mill requires a waterwheel or windmill etc. It also seems like it would make more sense for the main crafting station to be craft able directly and then placed inside the building then for it just to appear inside it.

    • Water: I'm not going to comment on the general state of water since I'm assuming it's just not implemented that much. But one thing is that being able to move water via aqueducts, pipes and Archimedes' screw for farming and other activities would be an excellent feature.

    • Huckleberries: Huckleberries should probably be an actual bush that you pick berries from rather than something you use the scythe on.

    • Pollution Clean Up: It should be possible to aid the land in healing somehow. Maybe spreading natural fertilizers or grass seeds would help the land heal. Also it may be worth looking for another way for chopping trees to harm the environment rather than destroying the grass, it doesn't make much sense. Maybe some of the animals would require the trees to survive and chopping them down would cause the animals to die out.

    • World Size: I've noticed from the devblogs and such that vehicles are a planned addition. Right now though they'd be a little pointless. The world can be easily traversed in just a few minutes on foot and any vehicles just wouldn't be worth the effort. Also the world size doesn't seem like it would be able to support more than maybe 5-6 players. Larger world sizes would allow for really massive communities to exist. The effect of being able to see the curvature of the world from one end of my small complex to the other is also a little odd...

    I also want to say I love the game so far and will be playing off and on while it develops!

  • Just thought of two other things.

    • Deed Book or Deed Interface: I have so many deeds lying around. Either a physical book that you can place deeds into and access them or a button on the UI containing all the deeds would be very nice.

    • Towns, Clans, Guilds, Companies, Nations etc: A way to have a group of some sort where all members are automatically added to deeds owned by that faction would be nice. Additionally the groups could be able to claim land in a certain vicinity so that other players couldn't grief or build in that area would be nice. There could also be a rank system withing the faction so that only certain ranks would be able to access certain buildings.

  • Thanks for the suggestions! You shared a lot of issues that we are addressing in alpha 4 at least and things we otherwise want to change going forward.

  • Great feedback Khan, really helpful. I'm working on the next iteration of the tech tree now and will take this into account. A lot of the feedback relating to buildings we have already implemented almost precisely how you described as well.

  • @Stangle_Khan said:

    Maybe spreading natural fertilizers or grass seeds would help the land heal

    great suggestions, on the land healing, sowing grass seed tends or manures to not heal land in the real world. in the RW it's called remediation for miners and so on who stuff up the land and water and it can be hideously expensive (often why they'll just sell the mine for $1 when it's no longer profitable to some small little company and the little company will try and extract some value then go bankrupt so nobody pays for the clean up until the taxpayers get involved (if ever) ).

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