Levels of Government

  • I was reading through the update for the upcoming levels of government system, and it struck me as a good way to simulate government creation an a shorter timeline.

    For the National Constitution (and really each tier of government 'block') in place-able objects, I think it would be ideal if the person - or government placing the original block - can allow for restrictions on the capabilities of that government tier.

    Basically, that each government tier should be able to be voluntarily limited in its ability to supersede its lower-tier constituent parts.

    A mechanic like this would allow for an increased focus on the trust-building aspect of ECO.

    Having the option to place restrictions that would need to removed through a law-passing process specific to that government would allow for each tier of government to have an internal trust-building process. (i.e. "My nation wont be able to invalidate your town's laws until we all vote to allow that to happen")

    These optional restrictions could be paired with reduced benefits for that government tier. So a National government that has little to no authority provides less land-claim tiles to citizens, less skill point benefit from government buildings, etc.

    There could also be impacts on a government's influence radius/strength.
    So a government without many authorities may have a larger influence radius, but be weaker to the expansion of influence from governments with more authority.

    This would mirror how federal systems were nominally in charge of a large area, but typically had greater government centralization later on in their development.

    I think the nuance in creating constitutional limits to government tiers that can later be voted on to be removed would greatly improve the use of government tiers as a trust-building and networking benefit to players.

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