No server play with steam family sharing anymore?

  • It's been a while sense I last played ECO, so I decided to give it another go, I rented a server just for me to play on, the server is currently password protected to keep anyone from signing in that I don't want signed in, My kids were thinking about the game so I was going to allow them to play on the server using family share so they can get a feel for the game after it has been progressed a little to see if they liked it or not, however it will not let them join the server, it keeps saying "invalid log in info". Is there a server setting that I have missed, or does ECO no longer allow you to use family sharing while playing online?

  • Actually Eco never allowed you to use family sharing at all. Due to some unknown reasons some people could activate and play it nontheless. So this is actually intended behaviour from the beginning. Sorry :(

  • Ah, okay. I had used family share before when I had a public server so that I could have an account to play on that was separate from my admin account, I didn't know that wasn't supposed to work. I guess they don't want the additional sales it might bring when peoples family and friends like the game but can't play while the game is in use by the owner. Thanks for the reply.

  • Actually it has technical reasons on steams side that allow an exploit with our linking mechanism, granting family shared games the full game for free when they do specific things. Which we definately do not want, no. Therefore playing with them is not possible in case one used that exploit to get the game for free - even activating it should be impossible now and should have been from the beginning.

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