Computer turns off at random intervals.

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    A friend of mine recently upgraded his computer. That involves new motherboard, CPU, RAM, PSU and graphicscard.
    At random intervals of time, his computer shuts completely off. It does not make a crash log, since the computer is turned off. The event viewer just claims a loss of power really.
    He can play Watch Dogs 2 and The Division 2 with no issue. Yesterday he tried playing Unturned, which is also made with Unity and that ran fine. During a Prime95 test his CPU came to max out at 82 degrees, which given, is quite high, but should not cause it to turn off.

    This issue if only happening when playing Eco. It has been tested with both the Steam edition and the edition that can be downloaded from The amount of game time he gets, varies from 5 minuttes til about 45 minuttes.

    He will try and run the game in a Linux enviroment on his computer for further testing.

    Any ideas as to how to fix this? Thank you in advance.

  • You don't state if he was playing ECO with no problems prior to the upgrade so I will assume that he was.

    I would start by watching the heat of the CPU and GPU as well as making sure that the PSU has enough power to run everything at max. A lot of newer computers will power off if they get to hot, I have had games like ARK, cause a reset when the graphics card got too hot, ECO is more optimized than ARK but has Far more calculations to keep up with. Also if the PSU gets overloaded (components drawing more than its max power) that can cause a reset too, there is also the possibility that he has a faulty component, just because it was new doesn't make it 100% working.

    He could also try putting the computer back the way it was and see if the problem is still there, if not, then upgrade one piece at a time until he finds the part causing the problem, but my guess is over heating or the power supply is too weak for what he has.

    Games like watchdogs and The division are not really a good comparison to games like Eco, the environment of those games isn't as demanding on the RAM and GPU as they don't have destroyable worlds, I don't know about unturned as I have never played it. ECO does have a 100% destroyable world, as a result there are a lot more calculations that must be maintained by the computer also the amount of the calculations will changed based on what is loaded in the "chunks" that are currently loaded, an area of the map that has not been touched by a player will have far fewer calculations than a chunk that has been leveled out and has 10 factories making stuff.

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