Starting Food is a joke

  • every beginning world I've been in faced the same severe problem at the beginning: each player being out of calories. It understandably takes time for the first farmers or hunters to finally offer enough food supplies, so until then all players I played with all complained about not being able to work. None was able to chop a few trees, dig stone, or just build there primitive hewn log huts without being forced to wander the world looking for some wild edible plants.

    Please just add more than these ridiculous 5 tomatoes to one's inventory at the beginning. We don't wanna spend half of the time on the first day gathering some wild plants.

  • I think that is part of the point though. You have to go out into the wild to find food, being a scavenger. I think there shouldn't be any starting food. Then your farmers start producing a little at first and you'll have basic food. Few days time you will get higher grade food from cooks.

    I don't get why everyone is rushing so hard on day 1. Do you really need 2x, 4x exp and extra skill points to feel you got somewhere in the game.

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