Talking about A new game Rage 2 I am playing

  • Recently a new game Bethesda Rage 2 released on PC .I have played a few several hours.Im just afraid the enjoyment will end soon.

    Since soon as I embarked off into the game’s open world, I sensed like it wasn’t typically the neon soaked gorefest I actually had been anticipating. Nevertheless the mission at palm feels very formulaic, in addition to the fun combat does not quite make up regarding the lingering feeling of which I’ve played a online game nearly identical to the several times before.

    In typically the three hours I’ve enjoyed, I’ve driven in typically the desert, found an Ark, killed off of the bandits protecting it, gotten a fresh ability, killed more brigands. It’s a formula that works, but sometimes it blends in my brain with a whole bunch of other games, Rage 2 doesn’t do a whole lot to differentiate itself from those kinds of games, and the copy and paste feeling takes away from its world. As I keep upgrading my skills, more bodies feel like less and less of a challenge. I’m hoping continuing to upgrade my abilities will keep my interest for the entirety of the game.bethesda rage 2

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