No servers in the server browser

  • Hello, I just bought the game and there is no server in the list.

    I tried deleting the "Strange Loop Games" folder in AppData\LocalLow\ and I opened port 3000 and 3001, but there is still nothing.

    Does anyone had the same issue and/or knows what to do ?

  • What language have you set in main settings?
    Have you checked the browser filter properly?
    Or are you trying to establish your own server – this may be difficult.

  • I keep English - as I read somewhere that it can be a problem - and I tried with version match and language match unchecked, still doesn't show anything.
    I also checked that my game install is validated (it is).
    And no, I'm not trying to have my own server, just browse through existing one.
    I'm running out of idea tbh, I think it might be a bug ...

  • Version Match should be set since you use probably v8.1.x and other versions will be very seldom.
    If this doesn’t help, I suggest to generate a local test world in New Game tab, this prepares also the systems internet ports and asks for confirmation. After this, I hope your browser will show some server.

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