New dedicated server not showing up on browse list

  • I have set up a Pingperfect hosted dedicated server. The server is not showing up in the Eco Game Browser list. Does anybody know why this could be?

  • Is it set to public?

  • @SLG-Dennis Yes it is, and I restarted the server, still not showing

  • Did you try to contact ping perfect support?

  • @SLG-Dennis I did thanks. They made some unspecified changes and at least the server name change I made is showing in the game webserver, but the server is still not visible.

    I also cannot actually locate the file on the pingperfect server configuration. It seems hidden.

  • Make sure that in the Configuration file that the RemoteAddress is set with the IP:Gameport (IP of the server they have you on and the Gameport assigned). Make sure that Description is the variable used for your Server name as the value in that field would be what shows up in the browser. If your looking in the "Recommended windows theh you may not see your own server depending on the playtime setting and server category in the as well as a few other things where you may not have a high level to match your own server. The best what to check your server is to go to "Browser All" and in there bring up all servers and then sort by Age and you should see yourself in there for the age of your server which is the quickest way to look.

    My understanding is that most PingPerfect clients don't have direct access to the configuration files like other providers do but that you can access the config files (there are 17 if them via FTP. You will probably want to get a copy of the most up to date configs to be working from as many providers do not have them up to date and they are not updated on install of the server. You can go to the Official Eco Discord and in the #Offciial-support channel they can help you get those for your use. The shout look like this: .

    Some providers do block or overwrite the as it is where they set the IP and port they assign you and they do not want those changed by the server owner accidently as then they would conflict with other servers. That is not the case with all providers, a few do have another way to make sure that does not happen and do provide you with full access to all configuration files. I think those that do provide full access not that in their information in the Commercial Servers Section of this forum

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