Resource Based Economy and Architectural Designs

  • I love the idea and concept of this game, and how it encourages us to figure out what we effect in the world we live in. But I am also curious as to being able to apply certain theoretical real world concepts in the game as well. While it seems most may be possible with the current direction, I was wondering if players would be capable of applying an RBE system that has never been done. A concept that was born in fruition by Jacque Fresco (Founder of The Venus Project), an architect, environmentalist, and visionary. I am hoping the developers can look into this if they haven't heard or looked into it before. Even bringing in some of Jacques designs into the game in some form or similarity. I feel by giving us the tools and capabilities in this way, we can really attempt and apply economic methods or environmental designs that aren't immediately possible in the current world systems. I'm really supportive of saving the environment as well as finding new and advanced solutions the can merge technology and environment. I think Jacque Fresco was ahead of his time regrettably.

    I am provided a few links on what they are about:

    Resource Based Economy as Described by The Venus Project.

    Environment & City Design Concepts

    Technology - Space, Energy, Construction, and Transportation

    Anyways, those are my suggestions ^^; . So far most games are built on what we know, and don't give as much freedom on what is possible or seeing a concept applied in a virtual space. What are you thoughts? And does anyone support this?

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