Impact Bug

  • I have been running a server 24/7 even when not logged in to play, and had the disaster set as follows:


    So, realistically, the comet should be gone. However, I noticed it soaring around regardless every game. Pretty large, though not very clear. Well, for the first time I experienced an "impact" of sorts - or rather, the comet seemed to fly... through me. It was weird.


    I'm not really sure how to repeat this, but it's on day 337, early morning. I was on a point of high elevation under where the comet usually flies by. I saved a back up of the world right after, and then when I went back in (changed tab, not logged out then back in) I found this:


    It clearly hit along a degrading orbit and dragged a line through the world making the ocean look weird.


    but that quickly disappears and then there is just another crater. Lots of craters actually. If I dig two blocks down from one this is what I see:


    Hopping down I fall through that brown spot into an under chasm:


    It looks like all those craters are just layered over the sandy landscape:


    I eventually found what was left of my house:


    From there I was able to locate the whole in the ground where I put my underground base beneath the ocean. Apparently, there was still some ocean left.


    aha! lol! So building deep under ground protects the base from being destroyed in the calamity!


    So, downside: The server settings to prevent an impact doesn't work. Eventually it impacts anyway.
    Upside: The mechanisms are in place that if it was possible to heal the land (currently, it's not, and I can't till the soil up there) people could build and store goods underground and the entire building will remain perfectly intact so they can stock pile seeds, resources, etc. (maybe even animals and trees with artificial lighting?) and it will work.

    Not sure how much of this was known, but nothing was happening as expected so I just took a bunch of screenshots as I went through.

    So... this world is dead, but I have enough raw materials in my store house to rebuild as a mole man :P until I run out of food that is.

    Note: Every deed was stored in the storehouse under ground, so if the game was supposed to delete the object on the surface it's possible that the deeds being intact had something to do with it. It's obvious that the impact works by replacing objects with a pattern of blocks so having objects below that overwrite pattern may have thrown things off.

    EDIT: So it looks like I can pick up the doors no problem, but I can't remove the building, even though it has no parts. I also can't actually build anything where a building is/was on the surface. Would have been nice to recover materials, but oh well.


  • My high elevation sky bridge is gone (a shame, I put so much work into that, but reinforces the idea that it deletes top down) but lo and behold, near where that bridge should be, a tree!


    and more trees! and a living deer!


    and my lumber mill, that I made out of dirt blocks along with the minimum wood, is actually still fully intact!


    I was not expecting to see intact surface features, let alone life! Venturing further from the site of impact I find more trees, bits of grass even:


    crops are dead (can be cut, but nothing harvests), but other animals are alive:


    I think, in the final release, this is what should be seen more of. An almost dead world that CAN be saved, and with only a few craters at the impact site. It looks like I can add some more dirt to the areas that have green, and I was able to plant the last of my seed (a shame the impact couldn't wait until AFTER I was done harvesting) If farming allowed you to get back more seed than you put in I might be able to impact the ecology of the dead world, but I will eventually run out unless I find more.

    Living rabbits too!


    I saw a bird as well fluttering to dead berry plants, not sure what's up with that. Can't seem to harvest bunch grass seed after impact.

    This block is blinking green:


    ****** At this point my computer crashed! It's an overclocked 6 core 3.3 GHz Intel i7 to 4.5 GHz with water cooling. It went through extensive testing, and there was only one core that could have overheated, but only if it was fully stressed for a VERY long time, so it seems that this game pushed my CPU to it's limits. Either that or something about this post apocalyptic world crashes the computer. I was relieved that chrome saved everything I wrote ******

  • sigh and now I can't run the server anymore.

    what's funny is I only intended to log in, harvest crops, replant, then logout. Instead, the world perma died with the server :'(

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