Organizing inventories

  • It's probably been suggested elsewhere, but I could not find an existing thread. I'd like to see a small button beside inventories and containers that would quickly order, stack, and organize the contents. I wouldn't care how the items were organized. I would just like an easy way to clean up the way items are held inside of containers.

  • My idea for solving the inventory organization problem:
    After placing a table and clicking the "Storage" button you will see 2 empty columns: Input and Output
    In both columns is an ADD button where you can add a storage in the range of the table. Each added storage entry also has an DELETE button. Added storages should be also sortable within the list. This should also increase performance while entering the storage tab of an table where a lot sorages are in range.

    Greetings Coolzero

    PS: This game is AWESOME !!!!

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