[EU] ECO Maniacs Reloaded!

  • Hello everyone!

    After parting ways with our old community, me and Survex, decided to start a new project.

    Our new server has a strong focus on business and commerce. The goal is a thriving economy among each other and we also want to create community projects. We are looking for nice and active people to take a place in our new community.
    Here is some information about the settings:

    Collaboration Preset: very high collaboration
    Profession Limit: Yes, you can learn 3 professions. So you "have to" trade and use the economy part of this game. :)
    Laws: Every people can propose a new law, there are some laws as preset, if the server starts. (Profession limit)
    Currency: Preset at start, Name is "Ecolus" and you get it at your first start. (500 Ecolus) Use it for your first trades.
    Projects: Yes, we want to use the project board for many community projects. So the "state" or "goverment" provides you projects in road construction, public buildings, global storage and so on. :)

    Our Server is a root server, 6 cores with 3,4GHZ, 16GB RAM, 120Gb SSD. Enough for many players. :)

    You are still interested, or have any questions?
    Feel free to join the discord and talk to the admins!


    Thanks for reading, and i hope to see u soon!

    Greetings nekso_

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