The server disappeared...

  • Hi everybody,
    here's the problem:
    I was playing in a server and suddenly I was kicked out of it by the game saying that there was a connection problem. I tried to join again, and it said the same thing. I closed the game and opened it again and the server was gone. There is no "Continue" because it says "Can't find server to continue".
    In "Your worlds" in the "recent" tab there is a line with 35% of match, but it has no name, no age and no ping, nothing at all. It just says "offline" in the bottom right corner.
    Now, I can't remember the name of the server, nor if I used a server I found on or if I began a new game.
    The only things I remember are:
    when I voted on a law, the internet page was but there is nothing anymore;
    There was an election in progress and the only candidate was Duvessa, which has a huge shop in that world.
    Can anybody help me, please? I'd really like to get back on that server.
    Thank you

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