wood cutting bug

  • weirdest. bug. ever.
    so there i was off to chop some trees, happily choppiung about 3-4 with ease. all of a sudden, the next tree i went to chop down did a weird bug:
    after i chopped it and it fell to the ground i proceeded to chop the log and at the time when it should turn from a fallen tree to several wood blocks, the game threw me out to the connection screen and said : "Caught exception: Exception has been thrown by the target of invocation.
    what the hell?? help anyone?

  • interesting.. when i closed and re-started my server the bug stopped happening o.o
    still.. not cool it happened, i was like. wellm shit no more wood for me/

  • Wait for alpha 4, which has far superior wood harvesting tech... video forthcoming :)

    I kind of went a bit overboard and Eco is almost a lumberjack simulator...

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