Cooked Meat Indebie; Raw Meat Edible

  • Hi, I have cooked a piece of meat, but when I try to eat it the game tells me it is inedible. When I right click on raw meat I can eat it no problem.


    I thought maybe cooking skill was related, like there was bad meals cooked, so crafted the skill book and got the cooking skill to level 2, and crafted more cooked meat, but it made no difference. Kinda strange that meat is only edible raw, seems like a bug. Should be the other way around. Hovering over raw meat shows it's nutrients.


    I'm guessing this is something as simple as the wrong function calling the wrong object. A typo. I'm surprised, but after searching the forums I don't see this otherwise reported or listed as known.

  • @Elliander There was a problem with freshness counting, but it was resolved long ago...

  • So I guess that's fixed in Alpha 4? Ok then.

  • I'm not sure why, but after logging out for a while and then logging in the raw meat suddenly became inedible as well. Not sure why. What's really weird though was that this time it let me eat the cooked meat, but still said it was inedible. Figured I would add this just in case.


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