The Crane - anyone actually use it and find it useful?

  • I keep trying to make use of this, but without a mean of extending/retracting it in/out I really find it quite useless. I very rarely come across anyone making one on a server and actively using it.

    You can go through a lot of fuel and messing about to try to get it positioned for building (place fill fuel, test, find it wont quite reach some apex) - by which time may as well build by hand.

    For moving stock around - never seems to reach far enough to be any use at all over simply using a cart or truck as a go-between for moving between stockpiles. About the only time it was nearly useful was for a huge test stockpile marshalling yard - crane in the middle of a 25 square of stockpiles - then it had trouble reaching the inner 8 (too close) and couldn't reach the 4 outer corners (too far) and had to be placed at a specific height to even do that.

    It seems this really needs a means of extending and retracting the boom AND a means of extending and retracting the cable to be useful especially considering the effort required to construct one.

    Anyone had any better experience with this thing?

  • @Khazul NO its useless, But it looks cool however if there were a way to make the thing actually work as a real world crane then you could position it above a hole or on top of mine and set ore on a pallet and pull the product up and out then place it in a truck - that would be super cool.

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