Blueprints and grand construction projects

  • On some servers, some people have managed to construct very impressive buildings, often the work of a single person with a vision.

    I think it would a great feature for large complex buildings to be savable and publishable as blueprints that can be shared across the community.

    I would like to see such blueprints being usable in two ways:

    1. So that server admins can pre-build them into a world following world gen at a chosen location including land flattening (similar to the test buildings) (scriptable and via /command). For eg, pre-build a market, government administrative buildings, signs, etc.

    2. Much more interesting is that the blueprint should serve as construction guides. I thought maybe some kind of in game building guidance would be good but I think that such may be too complex to interact with and for players to understand. Instead, I could see blueprint working in game as follows:

    They form a deed plan - ie a preset pattern of deed squares.

    Players would then need to landscape the area (flatten and dig foundation), then we have a new series of building construction workbenches that are each capable of building with a tier of materials supplied in the same manner as any other workbench.
    The builder (world leader?) would select a deed and be given a list of compatible blue prints and some basic orientation control (90deg or 180deg rotate as appropriate for deed fit). A reward scheme to pay contributing players would be enacted and the build can commence.
    The build workbench would have no room requirement and would need to be placed near the construction project along with supply stockpile(s) etc (which obviously must not impinge upon the construction). For any workbenches that are part of the blueprint, then like anything else they would need to be supplied to the construction workbenches.

    Perhaps at tier 3/4, something like the existing crane would make for a suitable workbench (as the crane seems almost unused in its current form), while at lower tiers primitive lifting frames would be more appropriate.

    Perhaps SLG could themselves eventually publish some blueprints that would serve as civilization progression markers (maybe taking some inspiration from the civilization series of games?) and open up new research branches, modes of government, banking etc for all players and/or increase skill gain rate for eg.

    Some thought needs to be given to how mods work with this - a blueprint needs to identify the mods that are included and not be available when the server is not running a required mod.

    Food for thought...

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