The passage of time.

  • I'm curious as to how the base game will handle passage of time. I know some people will configure their own settings and mods, but I'd probably best like Strange Loop's handlement of the game starting out. Through Discussion and research Characters progress while not being directly controlled. Do they die? Is like 1 real life day like a week in game or something like that? Are there skills, game, and events that occur during certain times of day?

  • @JohnK mentioned somewhere (tried to find it but gave up after the fifth thread I thought it was in - might as well have been on Slack) that one real-life day would roughly be one in-game year. That way, I guess it will take more than 100 years from first server start to doomsday.
    The question of death is a really interesting one. I liked the way 'The Guild' handled it, having you being the 'starter' of a dynasty. In order to continue after death of your initial character, you have to get married and have children which can take your place after your death. The kids could be server-controlled (slowly gaining some of the skills their parents have) until they reach adultery or either of their parents dies. This would also help with skills becoming less relevant as technology advances, since people having these 'depricated' skills will die sooner or later anyways.

  • The standard time frame until meteor strike is 30 days, and @illoOminated is quite right about the 1 Eco year equaling 1 real life day.
    The only way you can die (so far) is for life to end in the Eco world (by the hands of the meteor or humans collectively). Although there was a chance that you could be sentenced to the death penalty, its now been repackaged as being Exiled I think.
    I do see the potential of the game being developed which may add events etc that occur at certain times of the simulation, I haven't heard any mention of such things so far.

  • Current plan is that starvation, meteor, and death penalty (aka exile) are the only ways to 'die' in the game, and death is permanent. Starvation will take at least 2 weeks, maybe 3. So if the world gets polluted and theres no more food, you can last a while before it dies (but wont be able to do much when youre starving, skill rate and abilities will drop to zero well before you starve).

    A real day is a year in crop-time, a few years in tree-time, and a few years in animal-time. In order to make an experience where you can feel the arc of it, we have to change the time rate as we go (think of Civilization and how time slows down near the modern age).

  • @illoOminated since you know who said it but not where, you could search easier through the comments their account has made.

  • @SketchBookGames I see - thx for the info! :) I hope the new forum will include an actual search function.^^

  • Yeah new forums coming, I'll be able to be a lot more active in those. Using these has been difficult.

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