Was my server hacked/compromised?

  • Hey, first post here but I need some answers.

    I rented a server from PingPerfect less than a week ago, a few friends from previous games joined me and we had a bunch of new people, it had been going well for the 6/7 days it's been online.

    I launched the game today and I got instantly kicked out with the message:
    You were prevented from playing on this server.

    This message is presented to any other user that's trying to get in.

    I've checked on the PingPerfect control panel, and can't see anything to suggest that the server has been compromised from the control panel, the whitelists and blacklists are empty and the configuration files seem untampered with.

    However, logging on to the law page you can see something is not right.
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text

    There are elections and laws that never took place, these supposedly ended 14/8/7 days ago, the server has only been online for less than a week. The player b0tha was a genuine player and was elected a few days after the server starting, certainly not 14 days, the two players who seem to be random new users and who are part of the weird laws and fake elections are

    ElijahEvo and Muffin

    I've located their steam profiles

    Unfortunately we will have to start the server fresh as I wasn't setting regular backups, at least that's something I'm aware of now.

    I am wanting to report these two players, and I am also hoping someone knows more about this than me because I really don't know what an earth is going on but if these two players are abusing some systems or using third party tools then the relevant parties should be notified.

    To recap, server has barely been operational for 7 days, overnight, all users are disallowed access to server, there are elections that have taken place and laws passed over 8/14 days ago and two previously unknown players seem culpable.

    I have not deleted anything nor have I shutdown the server yet in case I need to save anything or extract logs etc.


  • This was definitely an attack from within the game, the server panel was not accessed by anyone else on PingPerfect.

    Is there a way to report this directly to the devs/moderator?

  • Hello

    I played with ElijahEvo and Muffin for some days in Eco Planet server until I was banned when I disagreed with server admin when he cheated spawning things.

    In Eco Planet, the positioning of the two was to completely dominate market since day one.

    Elijah also hijacked another player's store as per his own words, so that kind of behavior wouldn't surprise me.

  • @Arkhad Are you saying these same players were able to do the same on another server?

    Should these players not be banned from the game? Can a dev or moderator look into this please?

    What steps can I take to prevent this in the future?

  • @Macreus , not exactly cause in your case the law was changed and at the other server what Elijah said it was that he hijacked another player's store, even some money. I don't know how it happened in details.

    You blacklisted their IDs, right?

  • Yes but I want to be clear that this is not just simple griefing through in-game laws/voting, what has been done is not possible without some sort of third party tool - the laws and elections have supposedly taken place weeks in the past when the server had not even been online longer than 6 days.

    Yes I have them blacklisted but surely someone else could download the same program or follow the same steps they have; this needs to be looked into.

  • Do you have discord? Join discord.gg/eco and message me (Dennis - Community Manager). Can also directly message me: D3nnis3n#2053

    Then we can take a look.

  • @SLG-Dennis I have sent you a message on Discord Dennis, thanks.

  • Issue was caused by a server misconfiguration.

    "AllowFastForward": true

    was set, allowing the players to go online when noone else is online, propose laws and sleep in a bed to speed up time.
    Our default setting for that is false. So either you or your hosts did not follow that recommendation.

    While that behaviour of those two guys is definately not nice, it's not breaking our ToS, they are not exploiting anything, they just use game systems.
    That's a case for the server admins to handle.

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