More transparency in Housing bonus!

  • It would be nice to somehow see beforehand that certain furniture doesn't unfold its full skill bonus in lower tiers. This "soft-damped to ..." text gives none information about which furniture are affected and why that is.
    Additionally, I now built a Tier 4 room finally, hoping to finally not having a reduction because of materials. Still there is 9% reduction.
    Hell if not even Tier 4 gives full bonus, what am I supposed to make my house of?!

    Maybe give some insight about which furniture needs which tier, or just make it like in the early days: all furniture give full bonus multiplied by the room tier.

  • I believe the soft cap is

    5p for Tier 1
    10p for Tier 2
    15p for Tier 3?
    20p for Tier 4?

    Each room if it exceeds the room material tier then there will
    be a reduction.

    And for 2nd room of the same type it will have only 50% reduction in total points,
    then followed by 25% for the third room.

    For each subsequent same furniture type of each room the reduction will be
    depending on its type.

    I have seen people spam couches and various other furnitures with multiple rooms
    and getting 120++ points for their houses in just T2 material.

    It all depends how much immersion u want to break from the game, if you treat the game
    as numbers rather than a economy/2nd life sim then feel free to spam furnitures with
    multiple rooms u will get the skill point u want eventually.

    If i am wrong please correct me thanks!!

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