• hi,

    an evolution of the games could be adding township "skill points".

    When a city hall is constructed and made active, all buildings in range would contribute to town.

    The Town could be contributed with:

    • individual home skill points
    • shops( bakery, furniture, tailor, ...) the shops would consume items to provide town points
    • service: movie theater, library (could generate reserach point based on town points) , school, observatory (for the meteorite) ,

    Town could have négative contributions :

    • pollution
    • heavy industries (refinery, furnace...)
    • roads with tier level under the town tier level
    • dirt blocks

    This evolution would push players to develop the town instead of rushing the laser.
    This could also provide various different building types to construct.
    The town consumption will raise with its points and would require to sustain the supply.
    A option would be to forbid private research and make technology dependent of the town overall development.( maybe unlocking research based on town points, unlock skills for everyoneor have the library selling scrolls to everyone)

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