Introduction: DumperJumper's Roleplay

  • Hello Folks,

    my name is DumperJumper and I started an Eco Server yesterday.
    I was fascinated from the footage I found around the net, bought the game and started playing. I really enjoy the dev's focus on gameplay instead of graphics.

    The way the game is designed, the way multiplayer and collaborating with other players works is a really satisfying concept in my mind. I joined a few Servers, but I didnt really find what I was looking for, so hands on deck, I decided to start my journey on a new world in my own server.

    I decided that the triple time (90 days instead of 30) would be a good time for a beginner who does not have too much time to play to defeat the meteor. Other settings are pretty much default. My worlds size is 2.07 square kilometers.

    Now im on the search of other eco enthusiasts who want to work together to build a thriving economy. I want to keep it realisic, so right now we would be just a bunch of outlaws. A government will be formed when we, the citizens organize ourselfes by ourselfs and when there is need to. Currency, a labour market, trading, infrastructure... all these system will organically be set in place by the players themselfes, when the time comes. You want to connect to others? Build a road! You dont want to do all the work on yourself? Pay other players to do the labour for you! You need food or resources to get your business started quick? Look for a contract with someone who needs your help. Bring value to people and people will happiely pay you.

    What I am trying to say is that everthing will develop organically, and nothing will be cheated or put in place by adminpowers.

    Have a look at

    I did not have much time to create content yet, but there will be tons of information, a forum, a blog with news and sites for ingame businesses.

    If you want to join directly, use

    See you ingame,