Cost of the game servers

  • Hi guys!

    My friend and I want to develop an online multiplayer game. We did our research and the only thing that demotivates is our lack of knowledge about servers.

    We've heard about amzon aws, but we cannot understand the pricings and the types of the servers they provide.

    Can anyone tell us how much would it approximately cost to handle 1000 concurrent users.

    About the game: 3D arena/brawler game (example: Shrek super slam) 2 or 4 players in one game Fast paced

    If you have any other options, we will be glad to hear them.

    Thank you guys. We've been hearing a lot lately that we shouldnt start this if it is our first game, so, we will think what to do now

  • This post is deleted!

  • I'm going to throw a guess out and say that you've not attempted developing a game before?
    Make something simple, or at the very most, make a local concept first.

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