More customizable roofs (and walls)

  • I have been playing with roofs, and there are a few things that are annoying me about them. I have three points about roofs, and one minor about walls, and I will present them in order of what i feel is most important.

    1. Half-hip roof
    Currrently it is not possible to make half-hipped roofs, I have tried, but the closest I get is this:

    What I imagine should be possible (with a little photoshop magic) is this:

    2. L-shaped roofs with a gable in the corner
    Again, Just a little stylistic thing that could be better:

    This could be like this:

    3. Gable with "wall" walls
    Let me just show you the picture first:

    Now I will admit this is more a matter of taste, but I would really like the gable to have the same "material" as the wall below. It would make a more complete look, and make the roof be a part of the building, instead of just sitting on top of the building. And this brings me to the minor point about walls. As you can see the floor part of the building sticks out from the wall. It would be nice to be able to make floors inside that either 1) didn't stick out of the wall or 2) if having wall material on the outside, have it not have a gap on the inside between the floor and wall.

    Those are my ideas, and again, most important are from the top, third point is mostly a matter of taste, but I'm sure others would agree with me.

    Thanks you for making this game, I really love it!

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