Error Writing to stat database

  • Hello we recently updated to the most recent version and we not seem to be getting logs filled with the below error.

    Error writing to stat database: LiteException Cannot insert duplicate key in unique index '_id'. The duplicate value is '105544'

    There is only around 3 values that it is doing this for. But the server then requires a restart every hour due to running out of RAM.

    We are using nodecraft and used their dashboard for updating.

    When we performed the update we noticed the Game Settings had reset/changed. So we re-entered them and noticed the server had reset to day 1, so we had to run a back up. To 10 mins before we did the update. All works but we are getting this error.

    I have opened the game.db but dont know where to look as the error doesnt give much info. If anyone knows how to turn debugging on that would help.

    Or if you know a way to clean this issue/ that would be great.


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