Demo version ?

  • Does a demo version of the game will be released?
    I love the concept of the game, but in front of the price, I told me that I have to think more about it, and I can't estimate how many time I will spend in this game...
    I think a demo version would be a great idea for people like me who can't decide themselves if that worth to buy it or not.

  • I can't say whether or not this will happen, but you might look to various "let's plays" and the like to help you get a better idea right now at least.

    A big part about getting the game now is as much if not more to have a part at guiding the game as it is developed; playing different versions, making suggestions, and the like (some of these are going to be quite bad at times). I would generally recommend waiting if this kind of thing doesn't interest you at all.

  • ok !
    Thank you for the reply!

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