Setting up the ECO client and server on Arch Linux

  • As of the server's fully functional afaict on Arch Linux with

    $ pacman -Q mono referenceassemblies-pcl aspnet-runtime
    referenceassemblies-pcl 4.6-2
    aspnet-runtime 2.2.1+102-1

    installed and current. I'm not certain the assemblies and aspnet are necessary, but I see from the logs I installed them while getting working.

    Anyway, with those, I fetch and unzip the linux client into somewhere/Eco and the server into somewhere/Eco/server to match the windows install internals, cd to the server, edit Configs/ for 144×144 world because at 72×72 having all the critical species is a bit of a crapshoot, and fire up the server with a plain mono EcoServer.exe. The gui works, the webserver works, everything works.

    Once the gui comes up go to the Difficulty tab and pick No Collaboration for singleplayer farting around to get familiar with the mechanics, then File→Save to lock it in. Connecting to it's "Your Worlds", "Add" (the green"+" high and right) and enter localhost or your hostname, the client can't seem to find LAN games right now.

    To take your server public, since the client isn't also trying to be a server you don't have to change the port numbers, forward 2999/3000/3001 to your box (I just do TCP+UDP for all of them) and dig into the rest of the configs as per the wiki.

    A note: loading for your very first connection after install is ssssllllooooooowwwwwwwwww (many, many o's and w's elided here), but it does finish. Once you've completed the tuts G in to the government webserver and delete the citizenship law proposal before running for office to elect yourself mayor.

    There are some glitches, most notably that after you shut down the server it gets to "Shutdown Finished" and then hangs so hard you have to pkill -9 -f EcoServer it. For the rest it's things like sometimes fields in the server gui don't update until you tab into/out of them and having to type the hostname to connect.

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