Partial Fix for Farming Skill and other ideas

  • Hi,

    Love the game btw.

    Just wanted to post a suggestion that i think would improve the Farming skill. My idea is, (if you have the farming skill) upon level up (or gaining more normal land claims) you receive a few special land claims (possibly called crop claims) which protect your crops from being harvested and blocks from placed or being broken. However buildings built on these claims will not give any skill bonuses.

    Now ideally this would only "protect" the top layer of the claimed chunk, thus protecting the crops but still allowing mining below, but i imagine this might be a little more difficult to code given the current set up.

    As you can imagine this happened after someone stole my crops (without the gathering skill) which i was unable to claim. This was on a small server and basically made the crop that was stolen extinct. As the only proper farmer providing food for everyone on the server this was kinda a big deal (days 2 btw). Think Camas, Beans etc.

    On another note, i think the late game could be fleshed out a bit better (with tables and buildings requiring tier 4 building materials for the laser etc.) and perhaps do something to reduce the impact of the "tailings hiding simulator" (even just increasing the stack sizes in stockpiles).

    Storage filters, and input output options would be a drastic improvement also.

    In general i love the game, and have enjoyed nearly 600 hours for a reasonable priced early access game, much appreciated.

    Keep up the good work.

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