Dad seeking a server for 13 yr old son

  • Hello ECO community.

    You can guess by my user name that I am not that savvy about community-based, online games; I ask for your indulgence while I try to sort this out.

    My son is 13, on the Autism spectrum, with everything that entails, mathematically gifted and game obsessed. Plays Magic: The Gathering at a pretty sophisticated level, but social cues are not his strong point, even in person, never mind online.
    I am looking for a server to which I can direct him that will be kind, generous and understanding. We as a family lean pretty heavily toward the tree hugger, environmentally aware, renewable energy point of view and I am hoping that I can find a server that at least somewhat aligns with these values.
    Please understand that I do not want to start searching out servers on my own, trying them out and so on. My computer is so out of date, I doubt it would even run the game. I also have more than enough on my plate right now, so I am just hoping for a quick "oh, by all means, your son should sign up to fillintheblank server, they will be very welcoming"

    Thank you to any and all responders, I appreciate your time and forthrightness.


  • @ludditeDad send him to KY GameTech, small but friendly and communicate very well. Safe for kids ears as well!

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