Sea Pollution Impact And Continental/ Coastal Trade

  • Many praises to the designers and patrons who are involved the project.

    I find the game still lacks some simulation on the marine environment
    and continental trade.

    1. Although pollution runoff seemingly affects seaweed/ clams/ urchins
      which in return affects the fish salmon/trout etc, the impact seems minimal
      as the sea is large and the current effective meta is just to dump every garbage
      into the middle of the sea then life continues on normally on the surface.

    The sea pollution at most so far in servers that I have visited only cause major reduction
    in 80% of sealife at Day 10.

    Fishery seems to be redundant in most servers and is the least efficient way to
    make significant contribution on the food supply as fishing is slow and provides least
    amount of resources/income compared to hunting and farming.

    Even if the entire world's marine life is totally dead, the surface world would still be
    breathing just fine as seepage seems doesn't seem to spread horizontally fast enough
    to landmasses as the seas can be really deep and by the time the pollution eventually
    spreads up the meteor has already killed the planet.

    1. The game focuses on trade and shared yet it seems to not implement maritime trade
      and therefore more efficient ways for fishery to be a viable specialization/ trade. Maybe
      if cargo ships or trawler boats is implemented it will help to simulate maritime trade and
      increase immersion within the world.

    2. Buildings or bridges in particular can be built without supports spanning miles and miles
      long easily connecting two continents totally without support. Cantilever structures should
      be limited to maybe say 5 blocks? Floating structures especially are such an eyesore not only it
      is unrealistic it really breaks immersion. There are areas whereby players would go on and build
      buildings with disregard of common physics.

    By restricting buildings to have a base before the top can be built will encourage players to find
    more shallower land bridges to connect continents rather than build straight unrealistic spans
    across large oceans. Also, by increasing the difficulty of bridge usage would encourage the
    development of marine vehicles for commerce which is still prevalent in the real world until today.

    I will continue to collect more data on the sea pollution in-game and how the player base will
    continue to ignore the sea.

  • I can imagine a few solutions to the sea pollusion problem.

    • Have rain transfer pollusion from a water source to the ground within a certain radius. (I think it does this now? Or maybe it's the other way around... But it needs to be increased if that's the case)

    • Reduce the population growth for larger animals and introduce a way to catch larger amounts of fish, this way polutting the water will kill the migority of mid game protein. In the real world, we can only support our massive diets of livestock due to the industrialization of meat processing and organized animal farming. Outside of that, fish naturally appear in large numbers unless over fished by massive drag nets. Could even just nerf natural animal population growth and introduce a way to manage livestock (To secure a meat supply at a cost of a ton of farmed plants)

    As for the bridge problem, I feel like that might end up with a rework of how building works. I don't like it personally but I think by adding cargo ships and giving them massive stockpiles, then large bridges will be seen as a huge waste of resources and inefficient by comparison.