Gtx 1080ti nearly idling while just having 15fps

  • Hi 2 months before all worked fine it was good performing nothing changed on my system
    no i rejoined cause of the 8.0 patch and have extremly hard times.
    on join to the server stable 60fps but as soon as i start playing it drops to 10-25 fps but at the same time my Graphicscard is idling around 10% usage

    it doesnt make any change to tear down evry graphic settings even cut the resolution in half doesnt change anything

    Ryzen 7 1700
    32gb ddr4
    gtx 1080ti
    game on a m2 ssd
    win10 pro 64bit

  • Yep, I have seen many people reporting worse performance in this update, despite high-end hardware. No doubt it's a matter of bad optimization. This has been the pattern with every major content update but usually they manage to improve performance with the next few patches. Hopefully this time it will be the same, and by 8.1 or 8.2, performance will be back to where it was in version 7 or better.

    Also, the devs have explicitly stated that 8.1 is going to focus on performance.

  • @Nes Yeah i hope so the funny thing is in the past i was serching for a way to limit my fps down to somewhat 40 fps isch or so cause i got easly on the highest settings 90fps and more and dont want my graka to run on her limits :D

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