Tired of having to bow to the whims of server owners

  • Either I have the worst luck finding good servers or most of them suck. Most of the time by day 4 or 5 they have shutdown the server or have erratic online times or have a leader that does whatever they want making crazy laws that only benefit they (like crazy high taxes) but the worst one happened tonight. A server owner named Lolli (who I would avoid at all cost) had a world still on day one so I join and find a nice little island to do my own thing. then after a couple hours they shutdown the server which I have begrudging used to all servers doing then when it comes back up they now own my property now belongs to Lolli and even though they are online and moving around they will not respond to me. They have lost a costumer today because they are unwilling or unable to afford their own servers. They have two servers but who wants to join a game a week into it? There needs to be fresh servers to join that people can count on to be stable places to play. They either need to put up the money to run more servers or allow toxic server owners to ruin their game (which I enjoyed playing while I could).

  • There are a lot of good servers out there. Probably take a look on the the long standing servers with a lot of players, they are ususally well administrated. Official servers - which we have - wouldn't fix your problem though, as they are completely unadministrated. Which means: You probably will find a leader and people passing laws to their own advantage, too. To be honest, this is part of the game and one of the challenges in it.

  • @larz try ecoservers.io, which tracks uptime as part of its ranking. That is a good way to find servers that are reliable.

    (I have to mention though, that is an unofficial website not affiliated with Eco or SLG)

  • @larz

    had a world still on day one so I join and find a nice little island to do my own thing

    I really think you got out of the game what you put in to it.

    The game's "like Minecraft" way down underneath but that's not really part of it, the benefits from cooperation and specialization and social structure are so dramatic the Minecraft-y parts are subsumed, they're not the interesting bits, they don't factor in to the gameplay as more than diversions while you get to know the neighbors and figure out a plan.

    Especially with r8 you retreading the same paths others on the server are already mastering is just pointless waste and pollution. You divvy up the skills and figure out transport. One takes carpentry one takes fishing one takes basic engineering one takes mining one takes hunting one takes etc.

    Fire up an SP world or a localhost server (the server works as well on Linux as anywhere now afaict, I just mono EcoServer.exe now with an up-to-date mono and ta-daa) set on "No Cooperation" to experiment with the skills if you haven't got anybody you already know into the game yet and you don't want to go through all the embarrassing noob clumsiness in public.

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