Game is unplayable after update 8.0

  • I play Eco together with my brother. For me Eco is just running fine, but for my brother it is not anymore. Currently he is only able to play the game at 12 FPS or lower. When he harvests something, FPS drops as low as 3. I suppose the game got a major graphics boost, but I thought his laptop would still be able to run the game just fine. He plays from a i7 laptop with 12GB RAM, nvidia gt540m (1GB) and Intel HD 3000. He should be able to run the game right? Or did they increase the minimal requirements to 1.5GB GPU?

  • Hardware requirements did indeed increase in 8.0 and the graphics card is very weak. We're working on optimizing that as well as publishing new recommended system requirements.

  • People payed money for the game and now after the update the requirements went up quite a bit and they can't play it anymore. Maybe you should give them a refund for taking that away from them.

  • Changing system requirements through patches is nothing unususal and happens quite often. Also, we're working on most issues that are bugs, but in every game - especially early access you need to know that system requirements are likely to increase and that playing with a machine that is at the lower point of the minimum specs might not be working forever.

    Take a look at this screenshot and how Eco improved - this is impossible to do without raised system specs.

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