A few ideas from playing early game. May have more.

  • (1) Sprint Toggle. I've gotten around this with my Steam Controller, but it would be nice to have the option to have it be a toggle.
    (2) Crouch - When hunting you don't want to be standing up like a goof.
    (3) Force Cart in front of you - maybe holding sprint or right click or something to keep the cart in front of you so that it follows your directions. Like it was a part of your character's orientation rather than being dragged behind you.
    (4) Options for mass item stack changes (2x, etc.).
    (5) Option to disable Tailings. Playing with them is becoming tedious and all I'm doing is making Iron Ore, I can't think of the end game.
    (6) Animal Husbandry - We can save the plants but not the animals. Traps to get live animals and then pens to keep them alive.
    (7) Fencing and Gate blocks for farms.
    (8) Un-allied landclaims have a language barrier (randomized text problem) - This would promote trade through an interface that would have to be designed where both parties would put up things until the other is satisfied. Yes this could be circumvented with Discord or other chat softwares, this is mainly for RP purposes.
    (9) Better explanation and clean up of difficulty parameters.
    (10) Better explanation and clean up of world generator parameters so we can make our utopia before slowly destroying it while trying to save it.
    (11) Work Clothes + Max level in skill = 0 calorie drain. I don't think this is intended.

    That's it so far.

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  • I really, really like 6 and 7. Farming is horrible specialization which could be corrected by adding animal husbandry as part of it.

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