Blast furnace

  • Hi all realy need your help, i have been trying to connect the water pump and waste filter up so i can use the balst furnace but for the love of god i cannot figure out how to do it, seems no help on the net either, if any one can help id been in there debt :)

  • To make the system work. in addition to the Blast Furnace and the Waste Filter, a carbon current generator, you need at least 3 pumps, with their current source, wind turbines or the water turbine, a stockpile, for the Compost Fertilizer, created by Waste, all connected in correct way, in particular attention to the water discharge.
    Put the pumps at a water source, with the wind turbines, with the pipes reach the Blast Furnace, connect the exit to the Waste, which must have near the coal power generator, and put pipes to create the drain, place the stockpile so that it is seen by the Waste, supply both the Blast and the generator with coal, and away with the production ..... PS: it consumes a lot of coal, therefore a big waste, and remembers the waste of the Blast, which go stored safe, otherwise much pollution ....

  • @Borazlak For things with 2 fluid pipe connectors the output is apparently always the one with the little valve on it. So connect the output (valve) side of the water pump(s) to the input (non-valve) side of the blast furnace. Run a pipe from the water pump input to a water source (river, lake, ocean). Then run a pipe from the output of blast furnace to the waste filter if you have one (otherwise you can dump the waste somewhere, but it will create pollution). The output of the waste filter is clean water which you could pipe back into the clean water side of the blast furnace or just dump it somewhere). Water pumps require mechanical energy from a windmill or waterwheel while the waste filter requires electrical energy from a steam generator (which has to be within 10 blocks of the waste filter). Hope this helps.

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