Dystopia servers ::: Easy Rankups ::: Newbies welcome ::: Active admins ::: Friendly community ::: Wiped 18.02.2019

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    Dystopia servers is a friendly gaming community featuring games such as Conan Exiles, Rust, The Isle and Eco.

    We have just launched a ECO server, and would love to see new players :-)

    Server features:

    • Active and super-friendly admins
    • Public highways planned and zoned from early on in the game.
    • Government contracts
    • Centralized shopping and government building area
    • Centralized bedrock storage for tailings and garbage
    • Rewards for removing tree stumps etc.
    • Flirtatious otters
    • Focus on architecture in centralized areas

    Discord chat is at https://discord.gg/h8h9Er . Looking forward to seeing you there :)

  • The discord link no longer works and you've not included the server IP address

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