Can I actually win this game anymore?

  • I understand the objective of this game is to destroy the Asteroid, but without screwing up the environment.
    Now, my problem in this is: Tailings.

    Somehow, I don't seem to be able to stop them from polluting the Area. I dug 30 Blocks deep to create a 7x7x7 space in solid rock. I then lined all walls with mortared stone and placed a stockpile in the remaining 5x5x5 space to store the tailings. Three days later, my plants start dying...

    I searched the wiki, and it says, Tailings immediately pollute the entire vertical line of blocks where they are placed. Then the pollution spreads horizontally and they will basically continue to pollute indefinitely. Only the rate of pollution-spread can be influenced by wheather or not the tailings are contained. But for this, it makes no difference wheather I bury them in stone or simply cover them with dirt... In earlier versions, I would have simply made the blast furnace, since it only pollutes air (which resets in time). But now it also produces tailings.'s my question:
    I need to make Iron to destroy the Asteroid. So I HAVE TO produce tailings. But If I have no means to contain the Tailings, and their pollution-spread will go on forever... what's the point? Can I "win" this game?
    I destroy the Asteroid, but a week later the whole planet is so polluted by the tailings, nothing grows anymore?

  • Vertical Pollution spread is not unlimited, you can contain them in a safe area.

  • @SLG-Dennis So... If I bury the tailing very, VERY deep, the pollution won't reach the top, but the horizontal spread isn't limited?

  • No, it's the opposite. It will eventually reach the top, but never spread unlimited horizontally.

  • @SLG-Dennis said in Can I actually win this game anymore?:

    No, it's the opposite. It will eventually reach the top, but never spread unlimited horizontally.

    But there is a parameter of pollution expansion? Is there a material, for example, reinforced concrete or steel plates, which is able to contain or better stop pollution?

  • No, there is nothing else you can do than bury them - but that should be fine already.

  • Put them in a truck

  • That will make them pollute anywhere, no good idea.

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