Ore Regeneration

  • Good evening Ladies and Gents!

    I posted an issue in the bugs section about this issue but now I have a question if anyone can also help out with. So with the newest update, I ended up copy/pasting the files into the directory and started the server up. The server converted to the new files as it generally does and then generated the server world and file. Would the new update (Because the world is 400x400) actually fix the world generation issue IN THE SAME SAVED WORD to allow Iron, Copper, etc to be spawned finally?

    We are trying to figure this out because it will be extremely frustrating to much of my server population to have to restart AGAIN because Iron and Copper and more did not actually generate upon loading back into the game server.

    Is there a way to regenerate resources such as iron, copper and more?


  • Unfortunately, the fix only fixes worldgen for newly generated worlds. There is no way to fix already generated worlds. You can work around by creating crafting recipes for ores or spawn ore mountains.

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